Boscovecchio Organic Farm

Lies deep in the green hills of the Park of Mount Subasio and extends over an area of 34 hectares covered by woods, grazing land and lavender fields. The Franciscan walking trail (CAI n. 51), connecting Assisi with Nocera Umbra, passes through its lands.

A glimpse of History…

The origins of the farm can be traced back to 1978 when a group of young friends made the decision to leave the city and move to the countryside. They eventually chose to live in this place which at the time was an abandoned, untouched for many years farm house surrounded by greenery. Despite many difficulties, the group was fond of enthusiasm and willing to change.

Although, as time went on, most of the people left this place, the basis for the development of today’s Stefano Muratori Boscovecchio Organic farm had been laid. Stefano Muratori, the only person who has been living here ever since, together with his wife Paola, today maintains the same enthusiasm and willingness of the old times.
The essence of the human spirit is in new experiences


Our Activities

Spelt Cultivation BIO

We plant and grow spelt. We decorticate and package most of our spelt and turn the remaining part into flour . The Mill of Torgiano, exclusively treating organic seeds, is responsible for using grinding stones to turn our spelt into flour.

Jam Production

We make delicious and healthy jams using the fruits we directly pick from our fruit trees. We have apple, plum, cherry, walnuts trees and blackberry bushes. The percentage of organic brown sugar contained in jams is less than 25% for each kilogram of fruit used.

Lavender Farming

Another important and traditional activity of our farm is Lavender farming. Our lavender fields are located in a special place, distant only 10 minutes walk from our home. Since there are many curiosities and interesting tips about it, we’ve decided to dedicate a specific section to our lavender.

Our little farm

...a few sheeps, two little donkeys, a cow and a horse are all part of our "family". They live freely without any kind of constrictions. They stay out in a pasture eating fresh grass or organic forage of our production. While in winter, when it's cold outside, they take shelter in their sheds. Hens and geese are free to move all around the farm, THIS means fresh eggs everyday! Our cats and loyal dogs, Milla, Rotolo and Viola keep us company

Growing Vegetables

We have a big vegetable garden “offering” a good variety of vegetables for both our self-consumption and direct sale (directly at the farm). We only use composted manure as fertilizer.

Our Products

…we try our best to live in harmony with the world surrounding us, offering our animals a decent life and protecting the balance of Nature…